Wednesday, October 09, 2013

#GABF Week (I've been slacking)

I've been slacking.

It seems like all the beer blogger in the world (or at least those that show up in my rss feed) have been busy blogging about the Great American Beer Fest and/or the tons of events in and around Denver this week.

Take a look at Denver off the Wagon's beer category and see how many GABF related articles you see. Go ahead ... I'll wait.

Check out the Denver Post's First Drafts blog and browse through the amazing collection of "Scouting GABF 2013" articles. Again .. Go ahead ... I'll wait.

Go peruse Brewtally Insane  for Mark's day-by-day GABF Calendar.

It seems like the guys at The Full Pint have been providing useful GABF information for the past couple months, and certainly have not slowed down now that GABF week is here.

Of course, my buddy Dave at Fermentedly Challenged always has Denver area information, which by default means GABF information this week.

I could go on and on, but my slacking attitude prevents me from listing much more in this post.

If you don't find enough GABF information through your favorite beer bloggers you can always just go straight to the source at GABF News.

And what GABF information have I blogged about recently? Tribute to #GABF Costumes. That is it. And as you can see from the list of links in that post, mostly others did my work on that article.

I've been slacking.

Usually by the Wednesday before GABF, I have a pretty good "game plan" for the brewers I want to visit, and even beers I want to look for when I am visiting them. I know what events I want to attend during the festival. I am somewhat organized.

This year, I have no idea other than I have to remember to log a beer into untappd to get their GABF badge. And if I have no "game plan", I have no GABF goals. If I don't have any goals, how am I going to know if I accomplished all my GABF goals by the end of the festival?

Yep, I've been slacking.

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