Friday, October 24, 2014

Eric's Red Brew Day

I brewed twice this weekend.

I already told you that I brewed a little batch of Gruntled Sour Weisse on Saturday.

On Sunday, I brewed a regular-sized batch of Eric's Red. I guess you could say that Eric's Red is one of my "flagship" beers. It actually started out as a Mr. Beer recipe later to be converted to my own all-grain formulation. I have been calling it an "Irish Red", although I'm not really convinced it is. This time, I added Citra hops, which certainly isn't very Irish. It is simply a beer that I enjoy.

It doesn't really matter what style it is. Is it simply Eric's Red.

I got my brew day started ridiculously early. My first photo was posted on the SheppyBrew Facebook page at 4:01AM.  (if you don't already "like" the SheppyBrew Facebook page, please go "like" it now.

I posted that the boil was done at 7:01AM.

I was pretty much completely done with my brew day before 9.

Everything went very well. Mash temps, pre-boil gravity, OG were all pretty much perfect. I pitched at 64. The fermentation took off quickly. As I write this, the main fermentation is completely done, and I am letting it rest for another week for clean-up.

With any luck, I'll be drinking this by Thanksgiving.

Go Blackhawks!

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