Monday, January 11, 2016

Some Snowy Pictures

From time to time, we go snowshoeing.

For the most part, snowshoeing means we walk a little. The kids fall to the ground and start playing and/or wrestling for awhile. And then we continue for a bit.

It is not the sort of thing where we cover much ground. But, the kids have fun. And when the kids have fun, the parents are happy.

Here are some snowshoeing pictures from the last time we went ... actually, the boys both decided to not wear snowshoes to aid in their falling, wrestling, and playing.

At the beginning of the "trail"

Not 200 feet in ... the boys are on the ground..

My wife with a snowshoe fallen off.

Down a hill

Actually moving along a little bit

More playing

They found themselves a "slide" to play on

Toward the end of our "hike"

The boys on Echo Lake

After snowshoeing, we stopped in Idaho Springs for lunch

Good times.

Go Blackhawks!

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