Friday, May 17, 2019

#GCCUSA 2019 Great Cycle Challenge

I'm doing the Great Cycle Challenge again this year.

Yes I am.

I've done this every year since 2016. The Great Cycle Challenge is one of those ride-to-raise-money-for-charity events that pop up from time to time.

The charity I'm riding to raise money for is the Children's Cancer Research Fund.

The difference between this "event" and others (sort of) like it is that this one lasts the entire month of June. The riders pledge a number of miles to ride over the month. Other people donate money in support.

I am blessed to have extremely generous friends and family and co-workers, and I've helped raise a pretty significant amount of money over the past few years.

$960 so far this year. Almost $5,450 over the time I've done the Great Cycle Challenge.

This year, I started with a 500 mile goal ... which is extremely easy to do in a month.

But, I told people I would raise my mile goal for every donation I got.

I'm not sure why it always comes as such a surprise to me, but my extremely generous friends and family and co-workers stepped up.

At this point, I've raised my distance goal to 840 miles. 500 miles would be ridiculously easy to do in 30 days. 840 is pushing my physical abilities. I think.

I think I can do it. If I end up raising the mileage goal too much more, I may start to have my doubts.

Regardless ... if you want to help out  the Children's Cancer Research Fund, feel free to add a donation to my page.

Honestly, though ... wouldn't you rather sign up yourself and get your own donations? Wouldn't you?

If you are riding yourself, please let me know.

If I remember ... I'll keep you updated on my progress on this blog ... bookmark Sheppy's Blog: #GCC2019.

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