Tuesday, November 26, 2019

I hit 100 Gallons in 2019

If I recorded accurately and did my math correctly, as of Learn to Homebrew Day, the Gnomes, the SheppyBrew Beer Model, and I have brewed 100 gallons of beer this year.



of Beer

We usually brew around 100 gallons of beer, but it has been a few years since we brewed over 100 gallons. And I don't think I've ever hit the 100 gallon mark as early as November before this year.

So ... what is the significance of 100 gallons? Well ... I'll tell you.

For those of you who don't know, it is legal in the United States for an individual adult to home-brew 100 gallons of beer for personal (non-commercial) use.

It actually can vary by state, but in Colorado (where I live and brew), the state law pretty much mirrors the federal law.

I've never heard of anyone getting in trouble for brewing more than the allowed volume of beer.

I don't know what the penalty for doing so would be.

I'm not even real sure how a prosecutor would prove that someone had brewed more. (unless the idiot posts on a public blog about it)

And ... you may wonder ... why is this idiot posting. Obviously, I'll be over the legal limit with one more brew day.

And you KNOW I'll brew again before the end of the year.

Well ... it turns out that there are two adult brewers in our "brewery".

One of the reasons I makes sure that he SheppyBrew Beer Model brews a couple times each year is so that I'll still be legal when I go over that 100 gallon mark.

I'm assuming the authorities would not buy that the Brewing Gnomes are adult home-brewers.

Just for the record ... we won't break 200 gallons this year.

I'm lucky to have a wife who not only supports my brewing habits, but joins in as well.

So, there you are.



of Beer

Go Blackhawks!

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