Tuesday, January 07, 2020

SheppyBrew 2019 Year-End Brewing Stats

2019 is over. It sure went fast. SheppyBrew did brew a bunch this year.

As you may know, the Brewery likes to post quarterly updates on how much we have brewed. You can see all these updates (including the one you are reading right now) by following this link: Sheppy's Blog: Brew Stats.

The forth quarter was light compared to the rest of the year. We only brewed 4 beers.
Those 4 batches totaled almost 20 gallons of beer, bringing my 2019 total up to almost 110 gallons over 20 batches of beer. 

X-Mas Ale 2019

Yes, I got over 100 gallons this year. If my records are correct, this is the highest volume of beer that SheppyBrew has ever brewed in a year.

Just for the record ... the SheppyBrew Beer Model helped me out this year. (in case you were thinking of reporting me to the authorities)

Dearg Irish Red
All 4 of these recipes were new in 2019. That makes 14 new recipes this year. In both 2017 and 2018, I did 8 new recipes, so 2019 is up from the past couple of years. I don't know for sure, but this is probably the most new recipes I've done since my first year brewing.

I suspect that I'll concentrate less on new recipes in 2020 ... but who knows?

Two of these were lagers (Dearg Irish Red and What the Helles Dortmunder). I am almost certain that 6 is the most lagers I've ever done in a year. 6 seems like a good number of lagers. I will probably do about that many in 2020 as well. I might do more as I experiment with my Anvil cooling system, but probably not a whole lot more.

Dearg Irish Red was an extract recipe. This is rare for me. The last one I did was in 2017. If I end up brewing at other homebrewers' houses in 2020, I may do more extract brews ... or maybe not. We'll see.

I suspect that I'll brew less in 2020 than in 2019, but I don't know. I did provide quite a few kegs to various parties over the year. That helps justify the large volume of beer.
Peppermint Porter Brew Day

I think I'm going to use gelatin to clarify my beers more in 2020 ... at least the lighter - colored lagers. I've noticed when transporting kegs to various places that some of my lagers are not as clear as I would like. I don't mind so much when I'm drinking them, but I'm a little embarrassed to show them off.

Part of that is kicking up trub from the kegs, so the clarification should take place in fermentors.

Just want to see how much it helps.

The only other thing I'm thinking about in 2020 is converting my beer fridge into a proper kegerator. Not sure if I'll do that or not, but I'm thinking about it.

I can't think of anything else to report at the moment ...

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Again, if you specifically want to check out these Quarterly Reports, bookmark Sheppy's Blog: Brew Stats.

Happy Brew Year everyone.

Go Blackhawks!

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