Thursday, January 09, 2020


Soooooo ... if you follow SheppyBrew on Instagram or Facebook, you might have seen me post that I logged over 2,500 bike miles on Strava in 2019.

If you saw my posts about the Great Cycle Challenge, you know that 1000 of those miles were in June, and I hardly did any riding at all before May.

Seeing those numbers, I thought something like ... "I can ride 5,000 miles in a year ... easy".

("easy" might be stretching it)

This is a leap year ... so 5,000 miles is only 13.7 miles a day.

That's only like 96 miles per week.

Less than 420 miles per month.

I think it fair that if I commit to riding 5,000 miles, I should be allowed to count miles on stationary bikes at the gym, but I want the vast majority of these mile to be outside.


("easy" might be stretching it)

I'm going for it. 5,000 miles in 2020. Assuming that I stay healthy and my equipment doesn't fail me, it should be a challenge, but certainly not something that will be too overly difficult.

Since I want to do most of this outside on an actual bike, and Colorado weather can be less than ideal for outdoor riding in the Winter months, I am planning to do more riding in warmer months and less in colder months.

Here is how I expect to break it up:

January        300 miles        300 ytd
February        350 miles        650 ytd
March        350 miles       1000 ytd
April        400 miles       1400 ytd
May        600 miles       2000 ytd
June       1000 miles       3000 ytd
July        600 miles       3600 ytd
August        400 miles       4000 ytd
September        350 miles       4350 ytd
October        350 miles       4700 ytd
November        300 miles       5000 ytd
December            0 miles       5000 ytd

For what it is worth ... so far in January ... I'm well on track to hit the 300 miles I'm targeting for the month. As I type this, I'm over 120 miles so far for the month and for the year.

There's a long way to go, but it should be pretty easy.

("easy" might be stretching it)

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