Wednesday, January 01, 2020

O is for Ohm Brewing Company

If you follow this blog semi-regularly ... you're probably familiar with my "A to Z Denver Breweries Project"

Basically, I am making my way through the many breweries in the Denver area.

At some point, I thought it would be fun to work my way through alphabetically, so that is what I'm doing.

Between March of 2015 and January of 2019, I worked my way from A is for Alpine Dog Brewing Company to Z is for Zuni Street Brewing Company

In 2019 ... I have already worked my way from 1 is for 14er Brewing Company to O.

And ... quite frankly ... most of those brewery visits have been since August ... less than half a year.

I flying through the alphabet this time through. Flying!

Why am I moving so much faster? Well... this time the Beer Model is more involved, and she pushes me much harder than I was pushing before.

Also (probably even a bigger factor) ... my kids are both in High School and it is increasingly difficult to get them up on the weekends to go do things ... so my wife and I find ourselves doing more things without the kids.

This includes drinking at breweries.

Anyway ... as I mentioned, we are up to "O". Big "O". little "o". What begins with "O".

Sunday, December 22nd, my in-laws were in town, and my wife invited them along to visit our "O" brewery.

Apparently, they don't follow this blog, because they had never heard of this concept.They thought it was sort of cool, though.

So, we traveled up to Golden, Colorado to a Subway Restaurant to pick up lunch food. Then we traveled to the tiny little Ohm Brewing Company tap room and brewery.

1921 Youngfield Street #210, Golden, CO, 80401

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday - Thursday   3 - 10
Friday 2 - 10
Saturday 12 - 10:30
Sunday 12 - 9

We tried everything they had on tap on this particular Sunday.

  • Isotope Ipa – ‘Cause the dry hop green slime (bad SciFi reference). New England style, hazy IPA medium bitter with lots of citrus in the nose.  ABV 5.8% IBU 55
  • Unstable Isotope Ipa  – like Isotope IPA ... only more so. 7.2% ABV IBU 72
  • 'Ohm'meal Stout – Classic dark chocolate malts. Oatmeal adds texture and body.  Big hug on a cool day.  ABV 6.4% IBU 26
  • Third Rail Imperial Red – Hardy malt body with ?? hops. Its Imperial so sip it.  ABV 10% IBU 81
  • Low Impedance Kolsch – Pretty standard German Kolsch. ABV 4.7 IBU 17
  • Pale Lime Saison – French farmhouse meets Tropics.  Kaffir lime adds strong perfume to the nose, followed by clean, complex, earthy finish on the palate.  ABV 6.3 IBU 35
  • Pumpkin Spice – It’s that season.  Nice brown ale infused with pumpkin spice. ABV 6.3 % IBU 24
  • Blackout Lager  – Don't see a description of this online, but it is a nice black lager. ABV 5.6% IBU 17
  • 3 Phase Trippel – our take on a classic Belgium Trippel, hint of smooth malty with hints orange ABV 8.3% IBU 32
  • Alternator Alt Bier – Classic northern German malt forward, just enough hops to keep it fresh.  ABV 5.3%  IBU 23
  • Resistance Rye Pale Ale – A classic Pale Ale amp’ed up with Rye. Solid malt, but emphasis on hops. The Rye adds a spiciness in the mid palate.  ABV 5% IBU 53 

I thought all the beers were good. None of them really jumped out at me either way. None were bad. None jumped out at me as spectacular.

The brewery part of this place is much smaller than most breweries I visit. They have a 3 barrel system with some 3 barrel fermentors with some 6 barrel ferementors. The guy at the bar told me they brew about once a week.

It was certainly a nice place to visit for Sunday lunch.

I also smoked a pork butt on Sunday. It was pretty awesome. But, when I got back home from this brewery, the temperature probe was beeping.

Anyway ... "O" ...

If I'm counting correctly, that is like 16 new breweries for me in 11 months. I'm averaging 1.33 breweries per month this time through.

And ... keep in mind ... I didn't really even get to C is for Colorado Plus Brew Pub until August. I'm averaging 2.6 breweries since August.

Last time through, it took me over 20 months to get to "O". That was only 0.8 breweries per month.

If the Beer Model stays on me, I should finish up before mid-2020.

Keep watching Sheppy's Blog: A to Z to find out how we do!

Go Blackhawks.

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