Friday, October 01, 2021

2021 Q3 SheppyBrew Stats

Q3 is over. 

As you may know, the Brewery likes to post quarterly updates on how much we have brewed. You can see all these updates (including the one you are reading right now) by following this link: Sheppy's Blog: Brew Stats.

Summer Lovin' American Wheat

This quarter I went back to brewing a ridiculous amount of beer. I brewed 8 batches and 42 gallons of beer July through September.

At the moment, I'm not on pace to break last year's record, but I am on track to brew almost 150 gallons by the end of 2021.

T.Ra.Sh. Light Mexican Lager

The 8 batches of beer I brewed were:

Sin Lima Mexican Lager

As I mentioned on a couple of other blog posts, I'm concentrating on brewing existing recipes in 2021 rather than coming up with many new recipes.

I did brew one new recipe this quarter, N.T.S. Faux Pilsner. This is only my 3rd new recipe of 2021, considerably down from the 18 new recipes in 2020.

Shoddy Pale Ale

I'm also continuing to brew more lagers than in previous years. 

This quarter, I've brewed 3 (T.Ra.Sh. Light Mexican LagerSin Lima Mexican Lager and Rocktoberfest Lager). This brings me to 8 total for the year, which is already over the 7 brewed last year.

N.T.S. Faux Pilsner

All the batches this quarter have been all-grain in the Anvil Foundry. I'm now up to 27 batches on the Foundry. I have not even had the Foundry for a year, so that is a lot.

I got in another 6 Pack Project homebrew (see T.Ra.Sh. Light Mexican Lager vs Ska Mexican Logger and Sin Lima Mexican Lager vs Ska Mexican Logger).

I had Sin Lima to evaluate side-by-side this quarter, but decided that T.Ra.Sh. was actually a better match to Ska's Mexican Logger. 

Rocktoberfest Lager

All of the beers are turning out fantastic. I'm continuing to experiment with things like overnight mashes and fermenting warm with Kveik yeast.

I still have not gotten another pitch of the Lithuanian Farmhouse yeast, but the Kveik Voss I've used a couple times seems close enough in character that I might just stick with it.

Will-o'-Wisp Pumpkin Ale

Q4 will be more of the same. I'll brew a few more lagers, and I'll continue to do more existing recipes than new ones. 

Of course, I'll have to come up with a 2021 X-Mas Ale.

Falling Leaves Autumn Saison

As always, stay tuned on the regular SheppyBrew Channels to see what is happening with beer and other things: SheppyBrew's Facebook Page; Sheppy's Twitter Feed; SheppyBrew's Instagram Page; and SheppyBrew's Website.

Of course, don't forget to visit this blog often as well!

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