Friday, October 22, 2021

Rocktoberfest vs. Odell's Oktoberfest

In Mid-September, I brewed  Rocktoberfest Lager (Batch 296). It was the 7th time I've brewed this beer, although I had not brewed it since 2018 before this batch.

I have a few cans of Odell Brewing Company's Oktoberfest Marzen Style Lagers in my beer fridge and thought I'd do a quick comparison. 

Stylistically, my Rocktoberfest Lager design is right in the middle of Style Guidelines for OG and Color. 

It's actually on the low end for ABV. It's on the high end for bitterness.

When I compare it to Odell's  Oktoberfest, it is several shades darker in color. It's bitterness is indeed higher, which makes it better balanced in my opinion. It doesn't come across as sweet.

My ABV is lower. 

Neither beer really has much hop aroma or flavor. 

Both have a nice rich bready malt flavor, but I think mine has more complexity and slightly better flavor.

Both are clean amber-lager-like beers.

Both are very clear beers.

My beer also seems to have better head formation and retention and has bit more body.

I think based on the comparison, next time I brew this beer, I might reduce the amount of Carmunich malt I use and therefore lighten up the color a bit.

But, honestly, I'm very happy with how the 2021 version of my  Rocktoberfest Lager turned out.

Good stuff.

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Go Bears!

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