Monday, December 27, 2021

Soapy Mole

My wife has this box of recipes, and one of the cards in this box is labeled "Sopa & Mole".

It is an old family recipe from a grandmother or great-grandmother or something. One of those that my wife had to write down by interrogating her mom, because it actually was never written down.

It's sort of been a tradition to have this on Christmas Eve when my in-laws are in town for the holidays.

I love it. One of my favorite meals. I usually refer to it as "Soapy Sheep" or "Soapy Mole". Weird, I know.

This year, for reasons I won't go into, I cooked for Christmas Eve and decided to try it out ... sort of.

You know me and the trouble I have following recipes ... luckily, it isn't a real precise recipe anyway, so I feel like it is sort of expected that you take liberties with it.

Anyway ... here is what the card says:

Melt 2 big spoons Crisco
Add 3 big spoons flour (+1)
Stir w / boingy beater to get lumps out.
Add 1 big can of chicken broth & Keep stirring while thickening.
Add 3T chili powder
Add 1T Garlic
Add Salt and Chicken
Add prepared noodles (see back)

On the back of the card it says:

In wok pan heat oil (2T)
Add 1/2 pkg broken up vermicelli
Add 1 cup water, lower heat, cover & simmer til noodles soft
Serve w/ tortillas


I started by smoking half a Sam's package of boneless / skinless chicken thighs on the Weber Kettle with apple wood.

I prepared the mole and the noodles sort of following the instructions. I used different and more spices than the recipe calls for. 

I also may or may not have added more beer than the recipe calls for. 

At the end, I dumped everything together and (allegedly) added more beer.

We served with tortillas.

It turned out yummy, as always. I thought the apple wood smoke added an extra dimension that was quite awesome.

I've been told that I might have to do this from now on. 

Which, of course is fine with me.

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

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