Saturday, December 18, 2021


Until recently, it had been quite awhile since I've made any Kombucha.

In fact, I neglected my SCOBY  last year, and let it die. I have not made any since then.

A month or two ago, I tried propagating up SCOBY from commercial kombucha, but that never ended up growing.

So, I went the lazy-man way and simply ordered one from Amazon.

On 11/13, I brewed up a batch of Green Tea kombucha for the SCOBY to start working on.

The process is really simple.

  • Dissolve 1 cup of sugar into water.
  • Steep tea in the water.
  • Add to a gallon jar, cooled with ice / water.
  • Put in the SCOBY with a little "starter" to keep the pH down.
  • Let the kombucha ferment for a few weeks.
  • Bottle with whatever flavoring you would like.

Commercial kombucha is very expensive. Homemade kombucha is very inexpensive.

Generally, I've read that fermentation should be a few days. I've found that I actually need more like a month to get the right tartness.

As the SCOBY grows, I'm sure the fermentation will go faster.

I generally bottle with fruit juice to provide some flavor and add some carbonation.

Cherry Pomegranate juice is my favorite.

This past weekend, I bottled up my first batch in awhile and started fermenting my 2nd.

We'll see if I stay on top of my kombucha brewing.

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Go Blackhawks!

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