Wednesday, July 06, 2022

Chatfield SUP Photos

This past weekend was Independence Day weekend, which also happens to be the Beer Model's Birthday Weekend.

On Saturday, we decided to pack up the kayaks and paddle board and head over to Chatfield Reservoir for a day of water activities and lunch brats on the portable grill.

We have 3 portal water crafts to share amongst 4 family members, so there is always someone sitting on the beach when we go.

I had the grill to manage and some beer to drink while I was sitting on the beach. This time, I also remembered to bring a bluetooth speaker to listen to music.

The boys went off on their own in the kayaks. The Beer Model went out on the SUP for awhile.

It was a really nice day. Warm, but not overly hot. It also was not quite as crowded as Chatfield Reservoir can get on weekends.

The Beer Model came back before the two boys, and I got to go out on the SUP for a bit.

I'm probably the worst out of us 4 at standing up, but I did manage a selfie on the SUP, which no one else in the family would be brave enough to attempt.

I figured the water resistant rating on my phone is high enough that the risk that I'd damage my phone was pretty low.

Since I'm usually the one taking pictures, there are not much to share of me on the SUP.

The boys eventually got back and I cooked up some brats on my portable grill.

Then, the Beer Model and I went back out for awhile. Her on the paddle board. Me in a kayak.

She even attempted a paddle board yoga pose which ended up with her in the lake. I have photos of her in the water getting back up on the board, but I won't share those here.

It was a fun, leisurely Saturday on the lake.

Hopefully we'll get out there many more times this summer.

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