Sunday, August 14, 2022

August Chatfield Kayak / SUP Photos

Saturday morning, I got up early and rode my bike up to Evergreen and back down to my house.

I call this my Evergreen Loop.

It was only a 43 mile, 3 mile ride, but it was almost 3,700 feet of climbing.

When I returned from the bike ride, my wife (aka The SheppyBrew Beer Model) informed me that we would be going to Chatfield Reservoir to Kayak and Paddle Board.

The kids were not going. So, just me and the Beer Model.

It was a hot August day, which meant that lots of people were out at Chatfield Reservoir, but we were early enough that our normal spot to park wasn't very full at all.

So, we spent a couple hours Kayaking (me) and Paddle Boarding (her) around the Southern end of the lake.

We saw a few (not very many) of the Colorado Pelicans.

We had a lunch and beer packed, so we spend some time eating and drinking as well.

It was fun.

We didn't move very fast, so it wasn't much of a workout.

But I suppose that is ok

The kids missed out

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