Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Another Chicken Spatchcocked and Halved

Well ... in Chicken Spatchcocked and Halved, I mentioned that I wanted to try the technique again.

Just as a reminder ... the "new" chicken technique was to Spatchcock the bird, cut it in half and cook it as two halves of a chicken.

It turned out nicely the first time I did it, and I had another bird to cook this past weekend, so I tried it again.

Last time, the only change I thought I needed to make was to give myself a little more time.

So ... last Saturday, I got the Weber Kettle fired up in time to cook a little less than 2 hours.

I started earlier in the day by cutting out the backbone and dry brining the chicken. I then let it sit in the fridge for a few hours.

Then, after it sat for awhile, applied oil to the skin and applied lemon pepper seasoning to the bird and let it sit for a bit more.

I preheated the kettle with some apple wood.

I cut the bird in half and placed both pieces on the grill at about 4:10 pm.

I let it cook for about 45 minutes at 350ish degrees... 

... and flipped the bird around 5pm ...

I opened the vents to get the temperature to 400 degrees. I let the bird cooked like that for 20 minutes or so before I flipped it again.

I pulled the chicken off the grill right around 6pm. I probably should have started just a tad earlier still.

But, after letting the bird rest for a few minutes my wife and I ate one of the halves. She had the leg and thigh. I had the breast and wing.

I think this time the chicken turned out even better. Maybe just a bit juicier (at least the breast).

I'm very happy on the result.

We saved the other half for me to eat for lunch over the week. I have to say, it was awesome reheated as well.

I still think this is my preferred way to cook "whole" chickens. 

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Go Blackhawks!

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