Monday, September 26, 2011

Flashback India Brown Ale

Here it is ... #GABF week. Aren't you excited?

5280 Magazine recently came out with a seasonal six pack. Back in March I mentioned their Colorado Best Beers, and I guess that was such a success that they followed up with a seasonal six pack. I grabbed mine a few weeks ago.

The first beer I've had from this is Bolder Beer Company's Flashback India Brown Ale.

The beer says it is 6.88% ABV. I don't know the IBUs, but they are substantial without being too much.

I really like this beer. It is IPA hoppy in an American Brown ale. It finishes very clean with lots of citrusy Cascade flavor and aroma. The beer is a very clear brown color from a chocolate and caramel malt that starts the beer off pretty sweet.The balancing bitterness really comes through nicely to make the beer extremely nice to drink.

I think this may be my favorite Boulder Beer. I may have to buy this more often.

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