Monday, September 05, 2011

Pictures from the 2011 Breckenridge Duck Races

If you've been following around in the recent developments on the whole Tweedle Beetle saga. (especially my last blog entry) , you know that the Colorado Shepards attended the The Summit Foundation 24th Annual Great Rubber Duck Races.

You also know that this year (for the first time EVER) we overcame the cheating efforts of the Tweedle Beetles and WON! Yes, it was only 12th place, but that was good enough to make the list of winners and get a prize.

IN YOUR FACES, Tweedle Beetles!

Here are some pictures from Race Day:

Lots of the fun is the inflatable play-things for the kids.

Tyler in a bubble.

Tyler jumping.

This year, we got duck shirts for the kids.

Shepard boys on a little island in the Blue River

They're off!

On a bridge about half way down the race course.

Jockeying for position.

Ducks in the water.

More ducks racing.

And here are a couple videos:

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