Monday, September 19, 2011

#SexistPig but not Proud Of It

The other day, I was hitting old "you might also like" links in my blog. I am probably way too Sheppy-Centric, but I do that from time to time. This blog has been around a long time and lots of the posts I had completely forgotten about. Sometimes I find something interesting or amusing. It is really fun to look through my old blog posts. It interests me much more than it probably does you, but try it sometime and let me know if you find anything interesting. (i.e., leave comments please)

One of the posts I came across was 7th Commandment. I thought it was incredibly amusing. LOL, ROFL, LMAO, perhaps not quite ROFLMAO but hilarious non-the-less. Go ahead, read it. Man, I crack myself up sometimes.

Now, as you read through that post, did you ask yourself something like "Why would Sheppy's wife stay with such a sexist husband?" (after you got up from rolling on the floor laughing and/or putting your ass back on) ??? If so, you would not be the first to wonder that sort of thing.

In fact, I have a facebook friend whom I have not seen in about 20 years and who has never met my wife. This friend reads my blog posts and facebook status updates (thanks for reading, Deb). She has made the comment several times that "Tracy must be a saint". She also makes the observation quite often that it is a good thing that my wife has a good sense of humor. Translated, this means: "What the hell does your wife see in you?"

Even my own sister, yes my own flesh and blood (thanks for reading, Mrs. Bluefield), comes right out and tells my wife that she can't understand what Tracy ever saw in me. This sort of comment is obviously very hurtful to me, but understandable. Quite often, I wonder the same thing.

On my wife's 40th birthday, I asked on FaceBook if I should trade her in for a couple of 20-somethings (man, I crack myself up sometimes). Obviously, I was kidding, but several chicks did not approve at all. If FaceBook responses could kill, I would be dead several times over.

I even from time to time objectify women by posting sexist pictures ... for example:

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Yes, I not proud of it, but I am a sexist male pig. Makes you wonder why my wife does stay with me ... doesn't it?

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