Saturday, September 24, 2011

Making cookies

My wife left us again this weekend. Her mom is visiting and they went on a "shopping weekend". Personally I have a hard time thinking of something that sounds like worse torture than a "shopping weekend". I suppose a "shopping week" or "shopping month" would be worse, but not much else. I watched a movie last night that was close, but that only lasted 2 hours give or take.

So, what did the boys want to do with the women away?

They wanted to bake cookies.

Making cookies
Eating cookies
Quite often Connor will ask me if we can make cookies. He, of course, is a fan of eating home-made cookies, but I think he actually enjoys the process of making cookies almost as much. He is quite a little chef. I don't get the feeling he asks his mother to make cookies nearly as much as he asks me, although it could just be I'm not around when he does. Usually when he asks me it is on a weeknight, and between all their "jobs" around the house and home-work etc ... I have to say "no" an awful lot. That is a shame.

Tyler likes eating cookies too and is willing to help, but I think he thought he had to help so I wouldn't tell him he couldn't have any. Actually, Tyler is going to a birthday party today. His peanut allergy is unfortunately going to prevent him from having the cake, so he is going to bring some cookies to have instead of cake. We could stop by the store and get him something, but home-made cookies just seem better.

Anyway, the boys had fun making the cookies. I helped and supervised, but I would call this "their" batch more than I would call it "our" batch.

And, I have to say, those cookies turned out awesome. Very yummy.

The recipe we picked was Chocolate Chip "drop" Cookies from our "Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book". This "New" cookbook is in fact pretty old. There is a note from Tracy's grandma in 1989, which probably means it was a high-school graduation gift to my wife. It is also tragically falling apart. I think we might have to spring for a new "New Cook Book" at some point.

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