Thursday, September 15, 2011

#GABF Big Friendly Guide

In the category of  "ask and you shall receive" ... I got an email from my Contact Me form today in response to my blog post "My #GABF Game Plan".

Honestly, I was a bit bummed out that GABF spent the time and effort to develop an iPhone app. I love the concept. I just don't have an iPhone. Not only don't I have an iPhone, but I will never purchase an iPhone. My wife has an Android phone, so it would be better for me if they developed an Android app. But, personally, I think it would make much more sense to develop part of their website with this sort of functionality so EVERY smart phone could take advantage of the data they are making available for iPhone users.

And, yesterday, I got this email from Devon (his twitter handle is @GABFBFG ... I'm going to be sure to #FF him tomorrow!)

He is obviously a computer geek like me (only using his geek powers for good rather than evil). He is developing a website designed basically (as far as I can tell from his email) to give me what I want ... information to track breweries and beers at the GABF. It is mostly not publicly visible, so I really have an idea how it will turn out. I will absolutely keep it bookmarked, though, and keep an eye on it.

This seems like something I would do if I wasn't so lazy!

The website is:  There isn't much to it, yet, but check it out as we get closer to GABF. I am really looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

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  1. is now up and running!