Sunday, April 01, 2012

March 2012 Blogging

Does it seem to you that 2012 is just flying by? It does to me.

March broke the page view record for my little blog again. I am not sure it would have happened without the boost from my article on The HomeBrew Academy's blog.

Here is the list of the most viewed posts over the past 30 days:

 #1 ... Female vs. Male Brain Oct 28, 2011 ... Still at #3 all time, but it looks like it will overtake #2 very soon. This one has been strong for several months now. I get a lot of image searches hitting this page.

#2 ... Popcorn Beer #HomeBrew Mar 7, 2012 ... This is the main page that seemed to get a boost when I did the Popcorn Jalapeño Cream Ale article on the HomeBrew Academy's blog.

#3 ... Women and Beer Jul 23, 2011 ... Still the #1 viewed page all time. If the popularity of Female vs. Male Brain keeps up, Women and Beer might get knocked off the top spot, but it will probably be a couple months at least before that will happen.

#4 ... My 500th Blog Post Feb 5, 2012 ... #5 all time most viewed on this blog. This one is climbing fast too. I am sure it has nothing to do with the reference to breast flashing.

#5 ... 100 Gallons of Beer Nov 16, 2011 ... Talking about how I was possibly going to hit 100 gallons brewed in 2011 (I didn't do it). I am not sure why this became popular this month. I am glad to see it on the list, though.

#6 ... Introducing the SheppyBrew Facebook Page Mar 9, 2012 ... Just let people know that the SheppyBrew Brewery now has a facebook page. If you have not already, please like it at

#7 ... Pompously Illegitimate Red Ale Mar 2, 2012 ... Introduced the concept of my tribute to Stone's Arrogant Bastard and the Brewing Network's attempts to clone it.

#8 ... Tweedle beetles Mar 2, 2006 ... This post is over 6 years old and people still come look at it every month. Not sure why. This is #4 on the all-time viewed list.

#9 ... Bottling FTG Mar 17, 2012 ... Generally, articles on my Gluten Free home-brew tend to do pretty decent on page views when they are posted. This one was no exception.

#10 .. Kegging PIRA Mar 21, 2012 ... Just talking about kegging up my Pompously Illegitimate Red Ale (PIRA for short).

I mentioned this a couple days ago, but my Popcorn Jalapeño Cream Ale article on the HomeBrew Academy has a lot of Facebook shares and Tweets. In fact, that total is higher than the page views on my most popular post this month. Obviously, if that many people shared and tweeted the page view total over there is several factors higher.

Anyway, that is what people have been looking at this month. Hope y'all continue to read. As always, it would be nice to get a few more comments. Thank you for the very few who have been.

Go BlackHawks!

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