Tuesday, January 01, 2013

December 2012 Blogging

So, December continued this Blog's infamous streak of increasing monthly record breaking page-views. I needed all 31 days to beat November's total. That last week between Christmas and New Years Eve was pretty slow, but the blog viewers got it done for me.

And as I know you are incredibly curious, following is a list of the most viewed blog posts from December. This month, unlike November, I got a few posts that were actually written during the month.

#1 ... Female vs. Male Brain Oct 28, 2011 ... Returned to #1 for the month. The all-time lead this post has on the others is ridiculous. It is surprising that so many people still come to my blog for this image.

#2 ...  My 500th Blog Post ... Feb 5, 2012 ... I don't know why this is still so popular. It has moved up to #4 viewed post all-time on this blog. It simply talks about the state of my blog when I happened to hit the 500th.

#3 ... Women and Beer Jul 23, 2011 ... In the #3 spot again this month. People like Women. People like Beer. It is not really a shock that this post still gets traffic. It is still not in danger of losing the #2 all-time status anytime soon.

#4 ... Don't read this pre- #GABF post Oct 11, 2012 ... I told y'all not to read this, but apparently people surfing the inter-webs don't listen to me. It was #4 last month and #4 this month. It has actually broken into the all-time list with a debut at #9.

#5 ... Pre-event #GABF Post Sep 29, 2011 ... Seriously? I honestly have no idea why this would get traffic. I know I've said this before, but this is the least interesting of all my GABF posts from any year. Shockingly, it is #7 all-time, so it is making its way up the all-time list. This seriously makes no sense at all.

#6 ... SheppyBrew Styles Dec 18, 2012 ... An actual blog post that was written in December. It lists the beer style categories and tells you if SheppyBrew has brewed a beer in each category. It also announces that I plan to use 2013 brewing to get all the categories covered. You can look forward to about 10 more articles like 7C Düsseldorf Altbier in 2013.

#7 ... All-Grain Version of the White House Honey Porter Sep 14, 2012 ... There still seems to be a lot of home-brewers out there who want the all-grain version of the recipe. It does not appear on the all-time list yet, but I would think that with a few more solid months it has a chance to break through sometime. As I mentioned last month, I am surprised All-Grain Version of the White House Honey Ale doesn't get more traffic. Maybe it just has to be out there for a bit.

#8 ... Beer Motivation Oct 21, 2011 ... I don't think I've seen this one get popular for awhile, but it did get some love when first posted.

#9 ... 2012 X-Mas Ale Verticle Tasting Dec 26, 2012 ... Another of the posts that was actually published in December. I talk about tasting X-Mas beers from 2009 to 2012. I think this is somewhat interesting to beer geeks (especially home-brewers) and it is not a surprise that it did well this month.

#10 ... I hit 100 Gallons Dec 7, 2012 ... Yes, this year, the SheppyBrew Home-Brewery broke through the 100 gallon "limit" for a home-brewer. Again, I would think this would be somewhat interesting to home-brewers.

I don't do this very often, but here are the top 10 most-viewed articles all-time:

#1 Female vs. Male Brain Oct 28, 2011 ... As mentioned above.

#2 Women and Beer Jul 23, 2011 ... As mentioned above.

#3 Pale Ale Dec 20, 2011 ... Didn't make the top 10 for this month for the first time in a long time. The image of the SRM chart is what people seem to like on this page.

#4 My 500th Blog Post Feb 5, 2012 ... As mentioned above.

#5 Cider Drinking and Breast Flashing May 19, 2011 ... Gosh I miss hockey.

#6 Tweedle beetles  Mar 2, 2006 ... Yes, I have issues with those beetles.

#7 Pre-event #GABF Post Sep 29, 2011 ... Seriously? Why? As mentioned above.

#8 Sheppy Brew Web Stats Dec 8, 2010 ... Another one that has no educational or entertainment value what-so-ever.

#9 Don't read this pre- #GABF post Oct 11, 2012 ... Seriously, people, stop reading this post. As mentioned above.

#10 Geneva Park Campground Aug 2, 2010 ... I like that this post has been able to stay on the all-time list.

Thank you to my readers for visiting my blog. To be honest, it surprises me that my numbers are as high as they are and that they continue to grow. It fools me into thinking someone out there enjoys reading what I post. My only request is that you PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS.

Happy New Year, everyone.

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