Friday, August 15, 2014

August Backpacking Trip Part 3

Hopefully you've seen August Backpacking Trip Part 1and August Backpacking Trip Part 2. This is the third and final post of this series. Feel free to go back and check out 1 & 2.

I got up earlier than the rest of the family and did some climbing. The views were absolutely spectacular. The light juxtaposed with the shadow of areas where the sun had not cleared the mountains was awesome.

I was not even close to capturing the beauty in these pictures, but maybe it gives you some idea.

It amazes me that trees can essentially grow in rock.

Can you see our tent in the picture below? It is down there.

Eventually, I saw my kids looking around for me, so I returned to camp. We had saved some firewood from the night before, so we had a campfire with our breakfast. We packed up, crossed the log, and hiked back out of the wilderness.

We came across this deer on our hike out.

And that was our weekend. I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures of our trip. If you want to see more of our backpacking adventures, check out Sheppy's Blog: Backpacking.

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