Thursday, August 07, 2014

#IPADay: My Last 6 IPAs

Here I am contributing to the HashTagging of this made-up twitter holiday again.


When I first started homebrewing (way back in 2009), I was not really a fan of IPA's. I started understanding hop bitterness vs. hop flavor vs. hop aroma and how to extract each in the brewing process. It wasn't until I started getting a handle on how hop bitterness balances malt sweetness that I started getting an appreciation for bitterness. It wasn't until I got that appreciation of bitterness that I started to understand and like IPA's.

So, I really have my brewing experience to thank for my appreciation of IPA's.

Here are the last 6 IPA's I've had (before today).

Black Shirt Brewing's India Red Ale. (7/20/2014 ... at my house)

Modus Hoperandi IPA by Ska. (7/14/2014 ... at SheppyBrew Brewery)

 Canonball Creek's Mindbender IPA: (7/12/2014 ... at Canonball Creek's tasting room)

The Brew on Broadway (Bob) Tuileries IPA: (7/6/2014 at BOB's tasting room)

Tommyknocker's IPA & A Half: (7/20/2014 at The Wild Animal Sanctary)

Dad & Dude's Dank IPA: (6/29/2014 .. in my back yard)

I am quite sure I'll have one or more IPA's today. By the time you read this, my 6 most recent might be completely different.

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