Sunday, August 24, 2014

My First Multi-Cache

If you follow this blog, you know that our family is into geocaching. Usually, it is an activity that I do with the kids, but fairly often I'll go off and do it on my own. I hate to admit that. I'm sure it makes me some sort of geek. It is fun for me, though, and sometimes it is something I do when I am on my own. Judge me if you must. It is just how I am.

You might have caught last week (see Biking and Hiking and Geocaching and Canoeing) that I started a "multi-cache" awhile ago. I didn't mention which one, but it was called Multi on Mount Falcon. Yesterday morning, I headed back to Mt. Falcon Open Space Park, and finished this multi-cache off.

I'm sure that not all multi-caches are the same, but this one started off by having to find the coordinates listed on the geocaching page.

That first find contained a piece of paper with a list of coordinates. The idea is that each coordinate has cache with a clue needed to find the final location. You need all 6 clues to get the final cache.

In this case, each of the individual finds has a piece of paper with one part of a latitude or longitude. Once you put together all 6, you have the final location. Pretty simple.

For example, one of the stages had a piece of paper which looked like this:

Click here if you want to cheat and see the rest of them!

It took me 3 separate trips to get all the clues, but finally, yesterday morning, I did.

There you go. Yes, I'm a geek, but I think this stuff is pretty cool.

Go Bears!

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