Thursday, August 07, 2014

#IPADay: What the hell is a Session IPA?

So, It seems that everyone is making a Session IPA now-a-days.

I'm all for session beers.

I'm all for IPA's.

I am against calling these "new" beers Session IPA's.

To me, that is just too oxymoronic.

Ironically enough, I am fine with the term "Black IPA" (in fact I much prefer Black IPA to Cascadian Dark) ... that is pretty oxymoronic as well. Go figure.

The main problem I have with the term "Session IPA" is that most of them I've seen fall right into a category we already have ... "American Pale Ale".

Yes, these "Session IPA's" are on the lower end of the ABV and OG. They may end up a bit drier than a typical APA, and they are the upper end of the bitterness and hop flavor.

But, in my opinion, they fall in the category none-the-less. "Session IPA's" are nothing more than hoppy American Pale Ales.

You know why brewers are calling these "Session IPA's"? It is marketing. For whatever reason, the world associates IPA's with Craft Beer. More craft beer geeks are more like to try a "Session IPA" over a "Hoppy Pale Ale", even though they are the same thing.

This is a "Session IPA"

This is a "Hoppy IPA".

Of course, this is just my opinion. And really, who cares what you call the beer. If it is good. It is good.

Yummy yummy hops.


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