Monday, August 18, 2014

Biking and Hiking and Geocaching and Canoeing

Busy day Friday.

We had decided to visit our friends in Breckenridge this weekend, and I took a PTO day.

Early in the morning, sometime before dawn, I grabbed some stuff, put my mountain bike on the back of the minivan, and headed up to Mt. Falcon Open Space Park.

There were a couple geocaches that I thought I would like to pick up. One is a multi-stage cache that I had begun a week or so before.

I rode around a bit. I tried to grab the first step of the cache, but didn't have luck in the predawn light. I decided that the way I would have to go for step 2 of the multi-cache was a trail that I did not want to ride down, so biked elsewhere.

I did find a couple caches, including a couple of the stages of the multi. I came across lots of deer in the park.

Generally, just spent a couple hours enjoying the outdoors.

Eventually, I heard home.

We packed up to head into the mountains. My wife and son had decided that on our way to Breckenridge, we would stop the Frisco Marina and rent a couple of canoes on Lake Dillon.

So, that is what we did.

We explored the lake, and found an island to have a picnic lunch. The two hours went quickly.

It was really fun, though.

After the canoeing, we went to Breckenridge and had an awesome weekend with friends.

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