Saturday, December 12, 2020

Spare Ribs

I smoked some spare ribs last Sunday.

I love to eat them, but out of all the things I smoke, I feel like I'm most inconsistent on my spare ribs.

I never really know how best to fit them on my Weber Kettle.

I use my Web Rib Rack. Sometimes I leave the ribs pretty much whole. Sometimes I cut them in half.

Sometimes I place them down the middle with charcoal on each side. Sometimes I only have charcoal on one side of the kettle.

I never really know if I should trim them up or just dump them on the smoker.

Sometimes I go a bit hotter and less time. Sometimes I do more of a traditional 3-2-1 method.

They always turn out wonderful, and I think Sunday's version turned out the best, but I'm not sure I've figured out the best way.

Sunday, I did trim up the ribs into mostly a St. Louis cut. I applied my SheppyBrew rub to all parts and cooked the trimmed parts at the same time.

I used my  Web Rib Rack down the middle of the Kettle with coals and both sides. 

I cooked a little lower temperature than usual and mostly did 3 hours on the smoke followed by two hours wrapped. 

At the end, I applied barbeque sauce for about an hour.

Pretty much the 3-2-1 method.

I really liked the color.

The ribs were pretty much falling apart by the time I took them out of the wrap. 

They turned out juicy and delicious. Personally, I would have liked them a little less tender / fall-off-the-bone, but I was fine with that.

Everyone enjoyed the ribs, and I do think this was the best batch I've made so far. I think next time I'll try charcoal on just one side of the kettle. 

I'll continue to experiment on ribs.

If you want to follow along, bookmark Sheppy's Blog: Spare Ribs.

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