Wednesday, December 16, 2020

25 Beers of December part 2

Remember 25 Beers of December part1?

Everyday in December up until Christmas, I'm drinking a different beer. 

Some of them are from the "Twelve Days of IPA's" 12 pack that my wife bought me. Some of them are homebrews. Some are from local breweries.

We left off on the 9th of December, which means we have the 10th of December up until today to account for.

On the 10th of December, I had my homebrewed SheppyBrew Bud Light Lime.

Not Bud. Not Lite. No Lime. It is actually an awesome Mexican lager with quite a bit of Saaz hop and Vienna malt character. I hope InBev doesn't slap me with a lawsuit on my use of the name.

On the 11th of December, I had Breckenridge Brewery's Christmas Ale.

This is probably my favorite beer from the Littleton, CO Anheuser Busch brewery

On the 12th of December, I stopped by my local brewery, Locavore Beer Works and picked up a couple of crowlers.

Saturday, I picked up a Splash IPA, which is a nice American IPA.

On December 13th, I had another crowler from Locavore called "1000".

This beer commemorates their 1000th batch of beer. It is a Imperial Milk Stout. Nice and delicous.

On December 14th, I returned to Stone's "Twelve Days of IPA's", and had a Stone IPA.

Nice flagship IPA.

On December 15th, I had a can of Prost Pilsner. 

Prost is a Denver Brewery that specializes in German - style beers. Their pilsner is a nice German pilsner. Very easy drinking.

So, there you go, we're half way through December. 10 more beers until Christmas. I still have more than half of Stone's "Twelve Days of IPA's", so expect to see several of those in part 3. Also, there are a few homebrews that I can throw into this.

Stay tuned, as I drink a different beer every day before Christmas, I'll share more. Sheppy's Blog: 25 Beers of December.

Go Bears.

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