Saturday, May 15, 2021

Infusion Roaster on the Kettle

 So ... I've had this "Turkey Cannon Infusion roaster" since right before I smoked my first turkey in 2018 (see Cherry Wood Smoked Thanksgiving Turkey).

I've used it a couple times for Turkey, and until this past weekend, I've used it once for chicken (see Smoked Chicken on Infusion Roaster).

You've probably noticed that I've been using my Weber Kettle for most of my grilling / smoking. It is easier to use than my off-set smoker, and I can shut down the vents so that the charcoal can be saved for the next cook.

Last time I cooked a whole chicken, I noticed that the beer can stand made the bird stand up so that the top of the kettle lid hit the bird. It was ok, but I not really ideal.

On one of my facebook forums, I noticed that someone placed their chicken in a pan on the charcoal grid rather than on the cooking grate.

This got me thinking ... my Infusion Roaster could rest on the charcoal grid and would allow plenty of room between the top of the bird and the kettle lid.

So Saturday, I gave it a try.

My cooking grate has a removable center, so I left the cooking grate on. I placed the infusion roaster so that the "cannon" piece would go through the center hole. 

I had charcoal baskets on either side of the kettle to allow indirect heating of the bird.

I applied a rub. After preheating the grill, I placed the chicken on the infuser. I put some no alcohol beer into the "cannon". Not sure if that did any thing or not.

And ... I then just let the bird cook with a temperature probe in one of the breasts. The bird cooked a little faster than I expected. I pulled it off the kettle about an hour and forty five minutes after starting cooking.

The chicken turned out great. Nice and juicy. Pretty tender. The skin was crispy and the rub tasted real good.

I was extremely happy with how this chicken turned out. I might use this method of cooking again next time I cook a whole chicken.

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