Monday, November 20, 2023

3 Redheads and a Blonde

I feel like I've brewed a lot of Amber / Red beers lately. Currently, I have 4 homebrews on tap, and they are all in that color range.

  • Humdinger of a Hootenanny ... Kentucky Common. currently the darkest of the beers I have on tap. Almost a "brunette", but still in the red range.


I've been brewing the Buckwheat's BPA recipe since 2010. Early in my "all-grain" brewing career, I had my wife (aka the SheppyBrew Beer Model) pick out a recipe from Brewing Classic Styles for me to brew. She picked out the Belgium Pale Ale recipe, and for awhile I spent time perfecting the recipe. I've brewed it 14 times, and the Beer Model still calls it one of her favorite beers of all-time.

The first time I brewed Falling Leaves was in October of 2014. It was the Autumn "Seasonal Saison". I have brewed basically the same recipe every autumn since then, so this is my 10th batch. It sort of has an Oktoberfest grain bill with a French Saison yeast, making it a pretty unique beer. Yummy.

When Anchor Brewing in San Francisco closed this year, I decided to brew Steamacularly Common as a tribute to their iconic "Steam Beer". It is a beautiful malty beer with a perfect (IMO) balance of Northern Brewer hops. Amazingly, this beer has lasted just about 3 months.

Humdinger of a Hootenanny is my 27A. Historical Beer: Kentucky Common Roll-a-Style beer, and my most recently brewed beer. Even though the recipe's SRM only puts it at 13.5, it is significantly darker in color than the others in this set. I'm not sure why that is, but my best guess is that the Pale Chocolate malt I actually got must have been darker than I was expecting.

Anyway, they are all wonderful, tasty beers. They do all have very similar malt bills with not a whole lot of hop character. They are certainly different, but not as diverse as I usually have on tap. I will have to try to brew more different beers for my next few. 

The beer I have in the fermenter right now,  Golly Jeepers Wild Mango Ale (Batch 346), will certainly be different.

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Go Blackhawks!

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