Thursday, November 09, 2023

Golly Jeepers Wild Mango Ale (Batch 346)

If you read Roll-a-Style 13 ... Wild Specialty Beer, you know that Saturday was Learn to Homebrew Day, and that I brewed Golly Jeepers Wild Mango Ale.

My friend "Doc" wanted to host another brew day, so I headed over to his "brewery".

Generally, when I "Travel Brew", I like to start my mash at home and let it convert during the drive over. Then, when I arrive I can just transfer to a boil kettle and therefore have a head-start.

I do this in my old-style gott cooler / propane burner system.

But, my friend "Du" also was heading over, and he asked to use a propane burner and boil kettle.

I am a nice guy and told him he could use mine, which meant that I would have to use my Anvil Foundry to boil. The Foundry is much slower at getting to boiling.

So ... I started my mash in the Foundry earlier in the day, and transferred the wort into my gott cooler to travel to Doc's Brewery.

Once I got there, I transferred the wort into the Foundry and started the slow process of getting the wort to boiling.

I had some of Doc's beers during that time. Du also brought some beers from his house that I sampled.

Coincidently, one of the beers that Du brought was a Philly Sour fermented beer.

Both Doc and Du did extract batches, so I ended up well behind them.

To catch up, I cut my boil pretty short. This resulted in my OG being fairly low, but I'm never really that picky on "Travel Brew" days.

I used Doc's chiller, which isn't as quick as my Hydra. I got it down to 80 or 90 degrees and put it in my fermenter, with the plan to let the wort chill overnight before pitching.

The next day, the wort was right at 65 degrees, which was perfect. I pitched the yeast. Apparently Philly Sour is a slow starter according to Du.

My experience seems to verify what he told me, although mine did start up quicker than he said his did. It's going strong now.

Anyway, I'm not sure when I'll add the Mango. I'll be sure to update you on this blog as the beer progresses.

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Go Blackhawks!

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