Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Decemberfest Lager (Batch 348)

December already? Where did 2023 go?

Seems like I just submitted the first 2023 post recently.

I suppose I'm just getting old enough that time flies by faster and faster.

Anyway ... 

I brewed my 23rd batch of beer of the year Sunday. I believe this will be my last batch of beer for the year.

It was the 348th batch of beer I've ever brewed.

I have brewed this beer (with minor recipe modifications) 3 times now.

It is a nice December Seasonal lager.

I got started Saturday by making a starter with yeast I had harvested last time I brewed a lager (Helles Won't Kellerbier (Batch 340)).

Until just now, I didn't quite realize how long ago I harvested that yeast. Conventical wisdom would have probably been to get new yeast for this batch, but the fermentation started up quickly for a lager, so I think it will be fine.

Anyway ... I had the water prepared and in the Foundry Saturday night with the timer set to get the strike water heated when I woke up on Sunday morning.

I got up real early with the goal to get the batch brewed before church. I got the mash going around 4:30 am and then went back to bed for a bit.

As it turned out, I ended up having to cut the boil down a bit to get to the 8:00 church service, but I did get it basically done in time.

My pre-boil gravity would have been right on with a full 60 minute boil, but I decided to add some sugar knowing my boil-off wouldn't be quite as much as planned.

Other than shortening the time and adding extra sugar, the boil went as planned.

The gravity at the end of the boil turned out exactly as the recipe specified. I love it when a plan comes together ... even when I have to "pivot" away from the plan.

I got the wort chilled to below hop isomerization temperatures, but didn't get the wort racked to the fermenter before time to leave for church.

After I got back, I further chilled and finished up the brew day.

I apparently didn't tighten my fermenter spigot tight enough and I had a little leak. I ended up trying to sanitize my arm as much as I quickly could, and reached into the wort to get the nut tightened.

If the beer turns out bad, that is probably to blame. I think it will be ok, but we'll see.

The fermenter was bubbling the next morning, so at least the fermentation started quickly.

I'll probably let you know how the beer tastes in a couple of weeks.

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Go Avalanche!

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