Thursday, December 21, 2023

Butt and Biking

If you look at this blog, you'll see that I smoked Port Butt quite often.

Out of all the meat I BBQ, I have probably posted more about Port Butt than anything else ... although I suspect that I've actually cooked chicken thighs more on my various grills.

My kids are home on Christmas break from their colleges, so with more mouths to feed, I thought I'd make a big piece of meat this past weekend.

Port Butt is what I ended up making. 

One of the nice things about Port Butt is that it is something that doesn't require constant attention to make.

I tend to use a modified snake method, which if set up correctly means that I can just let the kettle cook for several hours.

So ... because of that, I'll tend to do other stuff while cooking Port Butt.

As you may know if you follow along on this blog, I try to ride at least one "Metric Century" every month. That means at least 100 km or 62.14 miles in one ride every month.

I've kept this streak alive starting in August of 2021.

The way the weather cycles, and weekend activities have been going this December have made it tough to get long rides in over the December weekends.

This past Saturday was actually a day that I thought I could get one in.

So, after I got the Weber Kettle all set up and the Butt cooking, I went off on my bike for a ride.

It was pretty cold in the morning, but recent snow was mostly melted and the roads and bike paths were mostly dry, so I was able to get in a pretty nice ride.

I rode a couple of hours and then returned home to check on the Butt. Everything was going well, so I went out for another hour.

I came home again. 

My younger son's college was playing in the D2 Football National Championship on Saturday, and I took a bike break while we watched that game.

The game itself was pretty disappointing, but I got the meat cooked to the point that I could get it "wrapped".

After, wrapping, I went out to finish up the "Metric Century".

The afternoon was much warmer. Actually a really nice day for a bike ride.

I returned home with over 100km. I finished up the Butt and enjoyed the rest of my day.

The Port Butt turned out great and I was able to continue my #MetricCenturyEveryMonth streak.

Winter is always tougher to get these long rides in, so it was nice to mark off December before the holidays.

Stay tuned on this blog, and you'll find out if I can contiue the streak through the winter.

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Go Nuggets!

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