Friday, December 01, 2023

Roll-a-Style 18 ... Wood Aged Beer

Well ... on Roll-a-Style 13 ... Wild Specialty Beer, I had 33A. Wood-Aged Beer on my "Roll-a-Style" list even though I knew for quite some time that my 2023 X-Mas Ale was going to satisfy that style.

So, I suppose this is another beer style where I am pretending to roll. For this one, I am pretending to use the online 20-sided dice to roll 18 ...

At this point, I think I've pretended to roll of these than I've actually rolled, but that' ok. There are still plenty of styles to brew, and I'm sure that next year I'll randomize this "Roll-a-Style" thing more.

33A. Wood-Aged Beer is intended for beer aged in wood without added alcohol character from previous use of the barrel. 

A pleasant enhancement of the base beer style with the characteristics from aging in contact with wood. The best examples will be smooth, flavorful, well-balanced, and well-aged.

On my homebrew sized batch, I feel the best way to accomplish a wood character is to use wood-spirals. 

Other than using those spirals, X-Mas Ale 2023 is pretty much the same recipe as I use every year in the past.

The plan is to brew this on Sunday (the 3rd). I'm cutting it awfully close to have this done for the holidays, but it is actually a little earlier than I brewed last year's X-Mas Ale batch.

Regardless, I'll let you know how it goes.

My new list looks like this:

NumberBeer Style
13A. Czech Pale Lager
23C. Czech Amber Lager
35A. German Leichtbier
49C. Baltic Porter
510C. Weizenbock
612C. English IPA
713B. British Brown Ale
814A. Scottish Light
926D. Belgian Dark Strong Ale
10Historical Beer: London Brown Ale
1114C. Scottish Export
1215C. Irish Extra Stout
13Historical Beer: Lichtenhainergg
1416A. Sweet Stout
1516C. Tropical Stout
1626C. Belgian Tripel
1716D. Foreign Extra Stout
1817A. British Strong Aleg
1917C. Wee Heavy
2020A. American Porter

My "Bench" now includes:

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Go Blackhawks!

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