Wednesday, October 05, 2011

471 Double IPA

So, remember last week, I mentioned the 5280 Magazine seasonal six pack? Sunday (yes, the day after GABF), I decided to use my new grill and while doing so I tried my second beer of the 6 pack. This beer was Breckenridge Brewery's 471 double IPA. 471 IPA is one of BB's small batch series. It is a year-round beer, but as a small batch beer, it is also in limited edition. I do not think I've ever had this one, although it is possible that at some point I've sucked one down at some point at the Breckenridge Brew Pub. It is a 9.2% ABV beer with 70 IBU's.

The aroma is full of wonderful American citrus hops, although I do detect a bit of an English ale feel to the finishing hops. The beer does use Fuggles hops and I don't know if the English feel is a function of the fuggles or the grain bill or a combination of the two. The malt does smell rich and full. Very nice.

It does have a nice full mouth-feel, and a slightly sweet taste at the beginning. It finishes with significant bitterness (70 IBU's), but with that kind of body and alcohol, it does not come across with a kick-you-in-the teeth perceived bitterness like many "West Coast" IPA's. The malts come through to balance the hops very well. There is a little alcohol flavor in there which helps sweeten up the beer just a touch.

471 Double IPA
I enjoyed the beer. But with a 9.2% ABV, I do not think I am likely to order this at the brew pub. At that alcohol level, it needs to be an absolutely fantastic drinking experience. I am just too old to suck down that much alcohol in one sitting unless it is going to absolutely be wonderful. I may order it to drink on another weekend afternoon, but then I may just get something else.

It is certainly worth a try if you can get your hands on it, though.

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