Friday, October 21, 2011

Beer Motivation

A few weeks ago, I started posting "Friday Humor" on my favorite online forum.  It started with the wildly popular post "Visual Explanation of Women" and continued for a few weeks in that same sort of theme.

The past two weeks, I skipped the Friday Humor and replaced them with "2011 #GABF Session 1" and the also-wildly-popular "Sexist Beer Labels"

Surprisingly, apparently a couple of my virtual friends made comments that make me think they miss the little Friday Humor feature of the blog.

I've stolen and posted funny motivational posters before on this blog. They amuse me.

My favorites usually have to do with beer (big shock there ... right?). Here are some good ones:

Usually I try to give some sort of credit to where I got the images that I steal. These are so many places out on the internet that I'm sure that if I gave credit, it would be to someone who stole it from someone else. I will say (although it is probably obvious) that none of these photos are mine.

Do you ... the reader ... have any favorite motivational posters floating out there? If so If you have more, leave a comment ... or facebook message me ... or tweet me ... or email me.

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