Monday, October 31, 2011

#StoutDay Week

This week on Thursday is International #StoutDay.

What is International #StoutDay? I'm not sure I really know. The best way to describe it is #IPADay only instead of celebrating boring old IPA's, we are celebrating the rich and diverse style of Stouts.

I realize that if you don't know about #IPADay, my description doesn't make much sense. If you are a twitter tweeter and a beer geek, you know about #IPADay. If you are not, you don't really care and won't care about #StoutDay either. At least I don't think so.

If you don't know and care some, I spent a little time talking about #StoutDay on my post "#StoutDay is November 3rd", but I saw a better explanation a couple days ago on the blog Denver off the Wagon in Jess Hunter's article "Announcing International Stout Day" Or, you can go straight to the source on the International Stout Day Website.

I don't think there has been as much #StoutDay buzz as there was for #IPADay. My  Daily #IPADay and #StoutDay News paper was much more busy on the days leading up to #IPADay compared to what it has been recently. I suppose there are lots of reasons for that. As someone who doesn't really "get" twitter or social media in general, I am not sure I know what all those reasons are.

But, I've now already "participated" in #StoutDay more than I did for #IPADay, and I will almost certainly post a blog entry on November 3rd with the #StoutDay hash tag.

Stay tuned....

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