Saturday, October 15, 2011


Remember that not-too-long-ago I mentioned that I have hundreds of sister-in-laws? Well, with hundreds of aunts, that means my kids have thousands of cousins *.

Yesterday my wife and I got one more niece and the boys got another cousin.

The newest child is named Brecken ... I'm sure named after Breckenridge Brewery **. I think that is the coolest name I've heard in quite awhile.

Note: this is not a recent photo of Brecken.

I am a guy, so I don't remember any of the important stats other than everyone is doing fine. Congratulations to Carrie and Dave and Brecken!

* Actual numbers are not quite as high as described in this blog.
** Saying that "Brecken" is short for "Breckenridge Brewery" is speculation on my part. It is also most likely not true.

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