Wednesday, August 04, 2021

H is for Holidaily Brewing Company

If you are following my A to Z Denver Breweries series of posts, you know that the SheppyBrew Beer Model (aka my wife) and I are working through our third round of breweries.

Last week, we hit Grist Brewing Company (Rare) to get our 3rd "G" brewery checked off.

If you're familiar with the alphabet, you probably realize that next up was to find a brewery that starts with the letter "H".

There are quite a few "H" breweries on the Colorado Brewery List, but most of them are either too far away, or breweries we've already visited.

In fact, there was one logical choice to visit next. And, this past Saturday, we decided to give it a visit ...

As far as I know, Holidaily is Colorado's only fully gluten-free brewery. It is the passion project of Karen Hertz, a craft beer enthusiast who became gluten intolerant. The lack of good tasting, gluten-free options drove her to start a gluten-free brewery.

There are other breweries that serve gluten-free beer. But, Holidaily is Colorado's only dedicated gluten-free brewery with no chance of cross contamination.

To be honest, my history of tasting gluten-free beers isn't great. Before Saturday, every gluten-free beer I've tried has a off-flavor that I really don't like very much.

Because of my previous experience, I was not really looking forward to trying Holidaily. I needed an "H" brewery, though, so I had to make the trip

And ... I was pleasantly surprised when I visited this brewery.

A few of the beers had the same off-flavor I remember getting in the past, but it was much more subtle than all other GF beers I've had.

And, to be honest about half of them didn't exhibit that flavor at all. 

In all, we tried 12 beers. Some of them we didn't like as much as others, but they were all better than any other GF beers I've ever had. 

The taproom location ... 801 Brickyard Cir. in Golden, Colorado ... is conveniently close to some great hiking / mountain biking trails.

It's a really nice taproom.

I would stop by again ... even though I love glutens as I do. 

Give it a try.

Monday - Thursday: 2-9pm
Friday: 12-10pm
Saturday 11am-10pm
Sunday: 11am-8pm

Next up ... "I". I have a brewery in mind that is sort of in the Denver area. Stay tuned on Sheppy's Blog: A to Z and you'll find out which "I" brewery we visit.

Hint ... it starts with the letter "I" and is on the Colorado Brewery List.

Go Cubs Go!

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