Saturday, August 21, 2021

J is for Jackass Hill Brewery

Well, we're moving right along on the A to Z Denver Breweries series of posts. 

It wasn't too terribly long ago that I was stuck on E is for Evergreen Brewery for a couple months.

I've gone from F is for Fiction Beer Company to I is for Iron Mule Brewery in less than a month.

The Beer Model (aka my wife) has been keeping us going from brewery to brewery.

And so far this round, I have not even really had to take creative liberties with any of the names.

As I mentioned in My Second Century Ride, I stopped by our house at mile 70 and picked up The Beer Model to go to lunch. 

If you looked closely at the pictures in that blog post, you realize that we hit a "J" brewery.

Jackass Hill Brewery is extremely local to us. I can easily get there in less than half an hour on my bike if I take a direct route.

We took a more leisurely route along nice bike paths to get there, but still it was less than 15 miles to ride to the brewery for us.

It is located right in old downtown Littleton at 2409 W. Main Street, Littleton, Colorado 80120

From their website:
A friendly brewpub in the heart of Downtown Littleton, Colorado. ​We brew all of our beers in house, on a 3.5 bbl system. We have 24 taps, with at least 12 of them pouring our beers, & the are rest pouring other locally crafted brews. We serve an assortment of whiskey, wine, other spirits & N/A beverages. We have a large outdoor beer garden with firepits, lamp heaters, as well as wall heaters. 

We've actually been to this brewery a bunch, but had not mentioned it on this blog yet.

They have their own little food truck in the beer garden area with pretty good food. Mostly burritos. So, it is a good place for us to ride when we want to nice weekend lunch.

Their beers are good. Most of them are on tap all the time, and they don't have a whole lot of variety. But they are solid beers in a great location, so it is a great place to eat and drink with friends and family.

Their "Beers" Page is pretty up-to-date if you'd to see what they have as you read this.

Check them out if you find yourself in the area. It is well worth the visit.

And so ... now that we've visited our "J" brewery for this round, we need to find a Denver-area brewery that starts with the letter "K".

It won't be K is for Kitchen, Lowdown Brewery + or K is for Kokopelli Beer Company. We won't be going to Grand Junction for our brewery. 

What will our "K" brewery be? Stay tuned on Sheppy's Blog: A to Z and you'll find out which one we visit.

If you want to guess ... it will probably be one of the breweries on the Colorado Brewery List.

Go Bears!

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