Friday, April 08, 2022

Groomsday Pic Pint

My friend "Joe" contacted me again a couple weeks ago, letting me know that he wanted to send me another gift to help promote a new site ... "Groomsday".

He thought I might like one of the company's laser-engraved Personalized Groomsmen Beer Glasses.

I agreed, and sent him a picture of myself so that he could send me a Laser Engraved Pic Pint.

All glasses are engraved by our amazing artist, who extracts your guys out of the pictures you send him and engraves them on the glass. This beer glass holds 15 oz, the perfect amount to enjoy.

This past weekend, the Laser Engraved Glass arrived in my mailbox. 

The packaging seemed sufficient for a piece of laser engraved glassware. It obviously arrived in good shape and in what seemed like a reasonable amount of time.

I thought the laser engraved artwork closely matched my photo, and looked as good as my ugly mug could on a beer glass. 

When my wife came across it in the dish drainer after I washed it .. she thought it was cool looking.

I could have added text below the photo, but totally forgot when I "ordered" the glass. 

I've had a few beers in the glass. Mostly the McShepardSons Irish Ale beers that I recently brewed. 

As I've pointed out before on this blog on other engraved glasses, the image is a bit faint and somewhat hard to see in certain lighting, but maybe that is just a function of laser engraving. 

If I have a decent head on my beer, about half my head is cut off. Maybe this is a function of the picture I sent, but I think maybe that might be something that could be pointed out on the website page for this item.

Another thing the description doesn't mention that I think it should is whether the glass is machine washable.

Honestly, it doesn't affect me too much. I try to hand wash most of my beer glasses, but I feel like the description should mention that to let people know.

Overall, I like the glass, and I think if I were to get married again, I would totally consider these as groomsmen gifts. 

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