Thursday, April 14, 2022

V is for Vision Quest Brewing Company

Believe it or not ... we're getting really close to the end of the third round of our A to Z Denver Breweries series of posts.

About a month ago, we ventured out of the Denver area into Boulder for U is for Upslope Brewing Company.

This, of course, means that we needed a "V" brewery.

For round 1 ... we used V is for Vine Street Pub and Brewery.

In round 2 ... we just happed to have a trip planned to Vail at the right time and were able to use V is for Vail Brewing Company.

Believe it or not, if we're willing to travel a bit, there a few more "V" breweries we can use for this round, and any future rounds we might do.

This past Saturday, we decided to take a trip to the closest of these options in Boulder.

Vision Quest Brewing Company is a tiny little brewery located by a homebrew shop at 2510 47th St, Boulder, CO 80301.

We went for a hike by the National Center for Atmospheric Research so that we wouldn't be traveling all the way to Boulder just for beer.

After the hike, we headed over to the brewery tap room with a lunch we had packed.

They have a decent variety of beer on tap. 

I got a little flight. The SheppyBrew Beer Model decided to get a pint of lager right off the bat.

The flight was pretty good, but nothing really jumped out to me as great. I did order a pint after the flight to finish my lunch with.

We didn't really stick around very long. To be honest, I don't see myself coming back. Mostly because it is just not close to my neighborhood.

But regardless ... we now need a "W" brewery. According to the Colorado Brewery List .. we actually have a bunch to choose from.

I'm not sure which one we'll pick. You'll have to follow A to Z Denver Breweries to find out which brewery we end up visiting.

Any suggestions? (feel free to leave a comment)

Go Rockies!

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