Friday, April 29, 2022

Pulled Pork Shepard's Pie

Remember a few weeks ago I made Brisket Shepard's Pie? It turned out awesome.

At the time I mentioned that I would probably like to try a pulled pork Shepard's pie at some point too.

Well ... I had some frozen left over pork butt in my freezer that I decided to put into Shepard's Pie this past weekend.

The recipe is exactly the same as the Brisket Shepard's Pie ... except instead I substituted the pulled pork for the brisket this time.

Of course, since I never really follow a recipe, I think I made less mashed potatoes for the top, and I believe my gravy was a little thinner.

So, the final pie was a little different than last time, but pretty close.

Again, I cooked it on my Weber Kettle in my Dutch Oven for about an hour at about 375 degrees. I added a chunk of Pecan to the charcoal to add a little more smokey flavor.

Once the potatoes were golden brown and bubbly, I pulled it off the kettle and let it rest a bit before serving to the family for dinner.

It turned out great. I liked the Brisket Pie better, but I certainly was not disappointed with this one.

I'm sure this will be a meal I make fairly regularly in the future. If you bookmark Sheppy's Blog: Shepherd's Pie you can see if I share it on this blog.

Go Avalanche!

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