Monday, April 18, 2022

Spare Ribs

Just yesterday, I posted that the previous Sunday I had brewed my 2022 Melting Stream Spring Saison (Batch 309).

Later that day, I smoked a rack of Spare Ribs on my Weber Kettle.

At some point between the time I wrote that post and now, I was looking at Sheppy's Blog: Melting Stream, and noticed the title of blog post last time I brewed Melting Stream ...

I thought it was a cool coincidence that I smoked ribs last time I brewed this recipe.

I guess it isn't that amazing. I brew the Spring Saison every year, and I almost always smoke something on Brew Days.

I just thought it cool and I thought I'd share. So, that is what I'm doing now. Here are some pictures of my ribs:

I hickory-smoked them for a few hours.

After 2.75 to 3 hours, I wrapped in aluminum foil for a couple of hours.

Then, I applied BBQ Sauce and cooked for 45 ish minutes to finish them off.

They turned out delicious as always.

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Go Rockies!

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