Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Easter Saturday Ribeye Roast

Last Easter, I bought a 12 pound Ribeye Roast, and cooked half of it for Easter dinner.

The other half, I vacuum sealed and froze to use at a later time.

I cooked New Year's Ribeye Roast, this year, but since it was on sale, I bought a fresh one for that meal. The one from last Easter remained in the freezer.

I got the roast out to thaw for this year's Easter dinner, but made the mistake of asking my son what he wanted as the main dish for Easter dinner.

He said "Ham".

So, as I had thawed Ribeye Roast, I decided I would make it for dinner Saturday.

Easter Saturday.

I got the kettle fired up a little before 2:45 pm and added pecan and cherry wood chunks to the grill.

I let the roast cook to an internal temperature of 125F, and then threw it on top of direct coals for a few minutes to get a good crust on the meat.

I smelled so GUUUUUD!

The roast was done exactly in time for a 10 to 15 minute rest before supper time. Ideally I think I should have started a little earlier for a bit more of a rest, but that's ok

It turned out great. I loved the smokey flavor on the outside and the juicy meatiness on the inside.

We could but the meat with a butter knife.

Nice Saturday meal.

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Go Rockies!

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