Monday, June 13, 2022

Jethro Bud Nelson Merican Lite Lager (Batch 312)

I've been married to the SheppyBrew Beer Model for a long time ... almost 27 years ... but I've known her even longer.

We met in college at Bradley University in Central Illinois when she was 20 years old.

Her parents were a tad over-protective of their daughter, and they didn't really like me much. Luckily, they lived about 3 hours from the University.

One weekend, they were down visiting, and the future Beer Model thought it best that we avoid each other.

So, even then, I knew that I must obey this woman. 

I disguised myself in sunglasses, a big floppy hat, and a flannel shirt. I instructed my friends not to call me Shep or Sheppy or Shepardieux while her parents were there.

Instead, they called me Jethro. Jethro Bud Nelson was my alias.

I survived the weekend, and while the Beer Model's parents still don't consider me good enough for their daughter, they've pretty much accepted me now.

Maybe because I brew beer.

I've been thinking about brewing a beer even lighter than the Mr. Awesome Merican Lager that I brewed last October.

When I designed the recipe ... I thought name Jethro Bud Nelson would make a great name for a lite lager. And so ... I called the beer:

I brewed it yesterday. As usual, I prepared the water the night before and when I got up Sunday morning, the strike water was ready to go.

I was up a bit earlier than usual, and mashed in before 4:30.

I went back to bed, but was unable to get back to sleep. I read a little and then got back up a little later.

The mash and boil went fine. The pre-boil gravity was a bit low, and I added a little table sugar to bring the gravity up a bit.

The OG was at 1.041, which is just a tad higher than planned. I got the beer chilled and the yeast pitched before 9AM. 

I was cleaned up before 9:30. Considering I was up at 4am ... that is a little later than it really should have taken, but oh well ...

The beer is fermenting now. I am real interested in finding out how this beer turns out. 

Stay tuned and you'll find out shortly after I do.

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Go Avalanche!

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