Wednesday, June 08, 2022

Eric's Pale Ale (batch 311)

It is difficult for me to believe that I posted Updating the Homebrew Colorado 6 pack over a year ago.

Since that time, I brewed Sin Lima Mexican Lager (batch 293) to represent Ska's Mexican Logger and Caliente Fuerte Mexican Stout (Batch 300) to represent Copper Kettle Mexican Chocolate Stout in the 6 pack.

I actually decided that T.Ra.Sh. Light Mexican Lager (batch 292) was a better match for Ska's Mexican Logger. (see T.Ra.Sh. Light Mexican Lager vs Ska Mexican Logger)

Anyway ... that left one last beer for my Colorado Homebrew 6 Pack.

A beer inspired by a Colorado classic, Dale's Pale Ale ... 

I wouldn't really call Eric's Pale Ale a clone of  Dale's Pale Ale. There are a few clone recipes posted on the interwebs, and I didn't follow any of them. When it comes right down to it, I took my recipe for Irregular Eric Double IPA and reduced the ABV and IBU's.

We'll have to see how they compare.

Anyway ... this past Sunday, I brewed Eric's Pale Ale.

I got the water and salts ready the night before and set a timer to get the water heated before I got up in the morning.

I was up by 5:15 and had the mash timer going by 5:30 AM. My pre-boil gravity and volume was pretty much right on target.

I was boiling around 7:30.

The boil went pretty good. 

At some point, between my wife and I, we triggered a reset on the GFCI, and my boil got interrupted for a few minutes, but not really that much. I ended up adding about 5 minutes to the boil once I got the Foundry heating again.

Good to know the GFCI works, I guess.

I decided to transfer to the fermentor using the pump rather than gravity. This is the first time I've done that, and I think I'll start doing this as my standard procedure. I'm getting old enough that I should avoid lifting 6 or 7 gallons of water.

My OG was right on plan. I chilled to under 60 degrees. I had the fermentor in the basement and the yeast pitched before 9:30 AM.

I was pretty much cleaned up by 10.

The beer has been fermenting a few days. I expect I'll keg sometime late next week.

And then, I'll let you know how it compares to Dale's Pale Ale. Keep an eye on Sheppy's Blog: 6 Pack Project, and you'll see what I think.

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Go Avalanche!

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