Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Brewing Boo Berry Wheat

Recently, I asked my blog readers "What should I #HomeBrew Next?". I did an online poll allowing anyone to vote as many times as they wanted.

Here are the results:
The Beer Model was pretty happy about the winner. To be honest, I was sort of rooting for Eric The Awful , but I can always brew that next. Actually, I am just glad I got so many votes on the poll.

Grains at my LHBS
So, the idea for Boo Berry American Wheat came from the Beer Model. During our TRASH reunion in July, we had SweetWater Brewing Company's Blue. It was a light ale with a touch of blueberry flavor and aroma. It was surprisingly good, and at some point while discussing things to brew, she thought I should brew something with blueberries.

Well, of course, the apricot beer I brewed used the Summer Lovin' recipe and simply added apricot puree in a secondary vessel. I decided to go the same way with the Boo Berry (using blueberries instead of apricot).

Not sure if I am using 2 or 3 cans
At this time, I think I am going to use 2 15 ounce cans of Oregon canned blueberries, but I might go with 3. I won't decide for sure until I actually go into secondary.

Brew day for the base beer was pretty typical. I started the mash early Sunday and let it go through church. I pretty much hit my mash temperatures and pre-boil gravity. The boil was fine. I got about 6 gallons of wort, and my OG was a bit low at 1.045 (compared to the planned 5.5 gallons at 1.049). I pitched at about 64 degrees.

Fermentation took off sometime Monday, and I needed a blow-off tube by the end of the day. The beer is bubbling away right now at about 66 degrees.

I expect I will use the blender to puree the blueberries Friday or Saturday and add the fruit and the beer to secondary.

The name of the beer, "Boo Berry" was my wife's idea. Since the beer will be done around Halloween, she likes the ghost reference. I probably would have called it "Blueberry Lovin' American Wheat" to follow the naming convention of my other recent fruit beers.  "Boo Berry" is fine, though.

Anyway, the Beer Model is looking forward to trying the beer. I just hope I pick the right amount of blueberries to add.

Go Bears.


  1. I missed the poll. I probably would have voted for Black IPA since I love that style. Regardless, I think the Boo Berry is a great choice, especially considering the time of year it'll be finished, like you said. Excited to read about how it turns out!

  2. I certainly need to do another Black IPA. Maybe after my "Eric the Awful". Of course I also need to think about a pumpkin beer and it is getting close to time to brew my X-Mas ale.

    So many things to brew ... so little time.

    I'll probably do another poll next time I have the dilemma of trying to choose between several things I want to brew, so keep an eye on the blog, Justin.

  3. Yay! I won! You did say vote early and often, yes?

  4. Well, as you won't be drinking the beer, you didn't really win, Tera. The Beer Model did, though. I know that out of all the people who might be drinking the beer you like her the best. I guess you can say your "team" won.

    Tracy told me that she didn't vote multiple times because "it wouldn't be fair". I'm not sure who she thinks she would be cheating by voting more than once.

  5. My wife aka The Beer Model, told me today that Sweetwater Blue was not the beer that got her onto this idea. She had a blueberry beer at Parry's Pizza on her birthday that she gives more credit to. Of course, she does not remember the name or even who made it. I guess this means I am targeting the wrong beer.