Monday, September 17, 2012

What should I #HomeBrew Next?

I can't decide what to brew next. From time to time, when I have come across such dilemmas, I've called for votes on facebook and twitter to help me decide. Usually I get pretty good feedback, and am able to decide from the votes what to brew. This time I thought I would post an "official" on-line poll like I did in Help Me pick my #IPADay Beer.

So, here we go ... vote as early and often as you would like. If you don't like what I put in the poll, tell me what style you think I should brew in the "Other" choice.

NOTE: Before making your choice, you can scroll down for more information on the poll choices.


For the choices that I put into the poll, here is some more info:

And, of course, I am open to other suggestions. Look through the recipes on to see if you think I should brew one of those. Or, you can leave me your favorite style and I can probably come up with a new recipe.

In case it makes a difference in your vote, here is what I already have ready to drink or in the pipeline:
  • In the keggerator, I have a mostly-full keg of Ello Poppet Czech Pilsner, which is a wonderfully flavored Bohemian - style pilsner.
  • Also in the keggerator, I have a mostly-empty keg of Summer Lovin' American Wheat, a light refreshing wheat beer with a hint of orange and coriander.  
  • I have lots of bottles of Laser Salt Sandy Blonde Ale. "Gretchen", our gluten-sensitive friend will be getting a considerable amount to this blonde, lightly hopped with touch of malted oat flavor.
  • Of course, everything else on my SheppyBrew inventory page is in my various beer fridges.
  • Rationalit√© Poison d'Ereeeek, my sour mashed Flander's Red is in a secondary fermentor aging and waiting to join my ready-to-drink collection.
  • Rocktoberfest Lager, my Oktoberfest-style lager, is aging in a keg, not quite ready to drink. I should put this on-tap, mid-Octoberish, though.

Let me know what you think. I am looking forward to seeing what I am going to brew next.


  1. yo, you should put all that description stuff and telling us what you already have on hand *before* the poll.

  2. Or at least tell us that it's down there. 'Cause I'm having a blonde moment/day/week/life.

  3. Hmmm ... Well, the poll is the most important part of the post, so I didn't want to put it at the end where lots of readers would never get to it.

    I added the sentence "NOTE: Before making your choice, you can scroll down for more information on the poll choices."

    Not sure that will completely alleviate other blondes from not seeing it, but it might help.

    Thanks for the feedback.

  4. The Boo Berry Wheat is doing quite well. I wonder how many times my wife voted.

  5. I don't know about your wife, but you should really be wondering how many times your sister voted. Hint: I don't know either, but it's a lot.

  6. I don't really care how many times anyone voted. If I wanted to prevent people from voting more than once, I would have taken steps to prevent it.

    Unless something happens in the next few hours, it looks like "Boo Berry" wins. I'm heading over to the LHBS to purchase ingredients around noon (Mountain Time)

    Currently Eric the Awful has 12 votes; Ale to the Chief has 5 votes; Boo Berry has 15 votes; Black IPA has 2 votes.

  7. Yep, it is official. The Boo Berry won. Despite the unfortunate name, I think it will be a good tasting beer.

  8. Interesting ... people have been continuing to vote. The white house honey porter is now winning with 22 votes. Too little too late.